Learning to crawl

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So I’m the cofounder of a technology startup, and I would say a “power-user” of my Galaxy Nexus and my laptop. I don’t lose my mind if I’m unplugged (in fact I ride just to get away), but if my phone breaks, I miss it pretty bad. I love my technology. I have gained a […]

The other family and friends

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“Friends and Family” is a common term in the startup world for early investors…parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, friends…all the people you can go to and ask for support when you are just getting started. The people that know you, that believe in you in general…that at least like the idea…and that are willing to lend […]

Convertible Notes

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In the hunt for funding there are a lot of decisions to make, a lot of things to figure out. Near the top of the list for the finance guy on the team will be whether to raise the money in exchange for equity or a convertible note. Of course, early enough in the game […]

Startup Financials

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We spent a lot of time working up our financials for our investor roadshow. Though to say this to true product developers it’ll be a laugh, I extensively mapped out the best way to build them. And together Doug and I spent a lot of time thinking about every line item from user growth and […]

It’s a startup life

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Gabriel Weinberg recently wrote this blog about how his lack of extreme excitement could be off-putting. He’s calm, or stoic, but not apathetic. I can relate. I don’t get big swings in my excitement level. I find lots of things interesting, and more than a few things awesome. Some things even get me down from […]